CVP1 Power Supply

CVP1 Power Supply is a 12 VDC stabilised power supply with a maximum continuous power rating of 42 W. It is ideally suited for providing power to equipment that requires continuous power in a remote area using long cables.

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CVP Power Supply

Key features

  • Watertight enclosure (IP 65)
  • Power rating >40 W continuous
  • Durable construction
  • Input, output and temperature protection

The voltage drop due to long leads at low voltage output can be minimised by locating the power supply a short distance from the measurement device and using long leads to supply the AC mains voltage.

CVP1 Power Supply is specially designed for unsheltered outdoor use under most environmental conditions. The power supply is enclosed in a rugged die-cast aluminium box fitted with cable glands for input and output cabling.

CVP1 LAS MkII is a version supplied pre-wired with suitable cables and connector for use with the transmitter and receiver of Kipp & Zonen's LAS MkII Large Aperture Scintillometer.