Glare Screen Kit

The glare screen kit for downward facing pyranometers mounted on an albedo/net radiation mounting plate.

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Glare Screen Kit

This glare screen kit is needed when creating a horizontal albedometer or a net radiometer.

The glare screen has an angle of 5° and is fitted to the pyranometer to prevent direct illumination of the domes by the sun at sunrise and sunset.

For downward facing instruments equipped with a CVF4 ventilation unit a special Glare Screen Kit (Pn 0305725) is offered.

Do not use the Glare Screen Kit when installing a tilted downward facing pyranometer e.g. in the same plane as the PV modules. Also do not install the normal sunscreen when installing the pyranometer facing downwards.

For CMP6-CMP22 and SMP6-SMP22.