Kipp & Zonen instruments are manufactured with great care and precision by experienced staff. The manufacturing process is completed with an accredited calibration that is traceable to the world standard. All Kipp & Zonen certified instruments are supplied with a two-year comprehensive warranty. The accompanying manuals and/or instruction sheets help you with installation.

Service, maintenance and repair is carried out at ISO quality standards, always using original parts to deliver excellent performance. Repair of an instrument that influences the sensitivity, always includes the service of recalibration.

Relevant manuals and instruction sheets can be found on the product pages of this website. The latest software updates are available online and free of charge.


An instrument is not complete until it is calibrated. It is the end of the manufacturing process that provides the measurement uncertainty needed for scientific research.

Kipp & Zonen has multiple calibration facilities in an acclimated dark room. Equinox Instruments now has a Kipp & Zonen calibration facility here in the UK where we can offer a better turnaround time than before. Outdoor calibration is also a possibility for specific radiometers. Every (re)calibrated instrument comes with a calibration certificate that:

  • is traceable to the world standard
  • includes a description of the calibration procedure

Our pyranometers are calibrated according to the ISO 9847 standard.

Calibration certificates are issued in compliance with the requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 and are recognised by all the major international accreditation organisations.

Kipp and Zonen Approved Calibration Facility Stamp


We advise to recalibrate your instrument every two years. After a two-year period in the field, the sensitivity of an instrument slightly changes. In scientific research, the highest possible certainty is required. Recalibration of most instruments is possible several decades after purchase.

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