Brewer MkIII

The Brewer Spectrophotometer consists of a weatherproof spectrophotometer, azimuth tracker and stand. It provides near simultaneous observations of the total ozone column, SO2, and UV spectra.

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Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer

Key features

  • High wavelength accuracy
  • Appropriate wavelength range
  • Excellent stray light reduction
  • Superior long-term stability

The two-axis tracking, appropriate filter selections, on-board wavelength calibration and data logging are managed through internal electronics and an IBM compatible host computer. Control software for the PC enables 24 hour scheduling and remote unattended operation.

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation has been linked to skin cancer, skin ageing, cataracts, and immune system suppression in humans and animals. In plants, enhanced UV radiation exposure has lead to crop damage and reduced yields.

From the point of view of risk assessment, exposure to UV radiation represents a large potential hazard. Although the necessity of UV monitoring is clear, the nature of the radiation and our sensitivity to it pose data collection challenges. If left un-addressed these challenges could leave our understanding of future UV trends and impacts uncertain.

This is particularly true with damaging ultraviolet (DUV) studies. Unless the spectrum of solar UV is well known it is difficult to relate UVA and UVB intensities to bio-logical responses. For reliable solar spectral UV irradiance measurement, instrumentation must possess specific qualities. The Brewer Spectrophotometer exemplifies these qualities and provides the means to understand solar UV radiation and its current and future impact on the biosphere.

Mk III Brewer Recommendation by Environment Canada

Environment Canada (EC) recommends the Mark III Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer as significantly superior to the MkII and MkIV Brewers for the measurement of solar radiation and Ozone in the Ultraviolet (UV) region of the spectrum. This is because of the much improved stray light performance of the double-monochromator optical system used in the Mk III compared to the single-monochromator of the MkII and MkIV.

For this reason, Kipp & Zonen no longer produces the MkII and MkIV models and for a number of years has only manufactured the MkIII Brewer. Spares, service and factory support continue to be available for all models of Brewer.