METEON Data Logger

METEON is an accurate hand-held display unit and data logger for the measurement of solar irradiance. Its small size, long battery life and universal input make it an ideal tool for many test and field applications.

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METEON Data Logger

Key features

  • Compatible with all CMP pyranometers, CM4, PAR Lite, SPLite2, NRLite2, and CUV5
  • Hand-held display unit and data logger
  • Displays real-time radiation values

METEON is primarily intended to display real-time radiation values in Watt per square meter or PAR in micro-mol per square meter per second.

Configuration with a computer is simple, using the supplied software and USB interface cable. Just select the radiometer type from a list, enter its sensitivity, and the correct measuring range is automatically selected.

Real-time radiation values

Once METEON is configured, connect the radiometer, switch on, and the large 4-digit display directly shows the correct values. This makes it a perfect tool for convenient use in the field.

Data logging function

The great advantage of the METEON is the integrated data logging function that can store up to 3500 samples. It stores minimum, maximum and average values per logging interval.

With the included software you can present the logged data graphically and it can be exported to spreadsheets, such as Excel™.

METEON is delivered in a tough carrying case together with:

  • 2AA alkaline batteries

  • Software and manual on a CD-ROM

  • USB interface cable

Optional METEON can be ordered pre-configured with a radiometer as a complete irradiance measurement kit.

Technical specification

Analogue inputs 1
AD conversion resolution 16 bits
Input ranges ± 6.25 to ± 200 mV
Inaccuracy < 0.1 %
Operating temperature range -10 to +40 °C
Temperature accuracy, RMS 4 digits with polarity °C
Power supply 2 AA battery
Communication interface USB 1.1

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