The NRLite2 is designed for routine measurement of net radiation which is the balance between incoming and outgoing radiation under outdoor conditions.

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NRLite2 Net Radiometer

Key features

  • Virtually maintenance free design
  • Suitable for outdoor use conditions
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy to use

The design of the NRLite2 is unique. The detector is based on a PTFE coated, weather resistant black conical absorber. In contrast to other sensor designs, NRLite2 requires no fragile plastic domes. This results in a virtually maintenance free design. The vertical stick prevents birds from affecting the output signal.

The NRLite2 is easy to use. It is based on a thermopile sensor. The voltage is proportional to the net radiation. It can be directly connected to voltmeter or data logger with an mV input. It has the same high quality yellow cable fitted as our other instruments.

The NRLite2 is suitable for outdoor use conditions and fully complies with CE regulations.

(*) This product will need to be registered by the end-user within 6 months of purchase to activate the 5 year warranty.

Technical specification

Spectral range (overall) 0.2 to 100 µm = 200 to 100.000 nm
Sensitivity 10 µV/W/m²
Response time < 20 s
Operational temperature range -30 °C to +70 °C

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