The PHF-03 Heat Flux Sensor is a common sensor that is used for measuring the heat flux of soils and walls. However, it is also commonly used by the industrial field for the research and testing of various materials.

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PHF-03 Prede Heat Flux Sensor

Key features

  • High sensitivity
  • Low internal resistance
  • Individual sensitivity values
  • Robust

The PHF-03 can measure the amount of transient heat per unit area of the surface, and read out the voltage output in mV.

Every single PHF-03 is individually calibrated with its own sensitivity, so that they are suitable to be used with data loggers.

The PHF-03 is low cost and easy to install (only two wires). The PHF-03 is also watertight, so that the sensor can be used for rooftop gardening with a water sprinkler.

Technical specification

Standard sensitivity Approx. 7 to 9W/m²/mV
Standard internal resistance Approx. 5 Ohm
Dimension 76(Φ) x 6(t) mm
Material Epoxy resin, Aluminium
Operating temperature range -30 to +70 degC
Cable 10m duplex shield cable (standard)