Intelligent Passive Road Sensor IRS31Pro-UMB

The passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB convinces by its two part housing design and accurate detection of road surface temperature, water film height, freezing temperature, ice percentage and many more.

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Irs31pro umb

Key features

  • Freezing temperature output already from pre-set dry-damp threshold (e.g. 10┬Ám according to new TLS specification).
  • Replaceable sensor electronics (for easy calibration or maintenance)
  • Polling via RS485 interface
  • Low energy consumption (solar operation)
  • Radar principle to measure water film
  • Analogue outputs in combination with a converter (DACON - 8160.UDAC)

The passive road sensor IRS31Pro-UMB is flush-mounted in the road. The two part housing design allows the combined sensor/electronics unit to be removed for maintenance or calibration at any time. The following variables are recorded: Road surface temperature, water film height up to 4 mm, freezing temperature for different de-icing materials (NaCl, MgCl, CaCl), road condition (dry/damp/wet/ice or snow, damp with salt, wet with salt), friction (Grip), ice percentage.

Optional: 2 additional depth temperatures, e.g. at 5 cm and 30 cm. The measurement data is available for further processing in the form of a standard protocol (Lufft UMB protocol).