The new SUV series offers a measurement solution for every part of the ultraviolet solar radiation spectrum. The successful SUV5 total UV radiometer has been re-engineered into dedicated UVA, UVB and UVE (UV Index) models to make a range that is smarter than alternatives; thanks to the latest detector technology, digital signal processing and Modbus® output.

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CUV5 Radiometer

Key features

  • Easy to install and to access data
  • Precise temperature correction
  • RS-485 Modbus® RTU digital output

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is part of the Sun's light spectrum that reaches the earth. UV radiation breaks down into wavelengths that are invisible to the naked eye. There are three types of UV rays: UVA, UVB and UVC. They decrease in length from A to C but increase in intensity, meaning that the shorter the wavelength, the more potential for damage. Fortunately, only UVA and UVB rays can penetrate the earth's atmosphere. With the new SUV-A and SUV-B you can measure both single wavelengths.

Kipp & Zonen's unique UVIATOR software improves measurement results by correcting for solar angle and ozone column effects. Download the free UVIATOR software

UVE light:

  • Limited amount reaches the earth's surface (mainly absorbed by atmosphere)
  • Is considered a risk factor for skin cancer
  • Corresponds with the sensitivity of the human skin
  • Is found in man-made sources of UVC radiation (mercury lamps, welding torches)
  • Is used in to calculate the UV-index

(*) This product will need to be registered by the end-user within 6 months of purchase to activate the 5 year warranty.

Technical specification

Spectral range IEC 17166:1999 and CIE S 007/E-1998
Output range 0 to 0.9 W/m²
Response time (95%) 1 s
Non-linearity < 1 %
Temperature response (-40 to +70°C) < 2 %
Directional response (up to 70° with 0.9 W/m² beam) < 2,5 %
Supply voltage DC 5 to 30 V
Power consumption < 55 mW
Digital output 2-wire RS-485, Modbus® RTU
Analogue output 0 to 1 V

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