VENTUS-X-UMB Ultrasonic Wind Sensor with extended Heating

Additional transducer heater for most eXtreme environmental conditions! Extremely precise and maintenance-free measurement of wind speed and wind direction even in the lowest temperature.

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Ventus Ultrasonic Wind and Direction

Key features

  • Most powerful integrated heater with additional transducer heater, that can be switched on if there is danger of frost – guarantees ice-free operation in extremely low temperatures and freezing conditions
  • Built-in data pre-processing, universal interfaces and selectable output protocols – compatible with OTT-dataloggers, commercially available HydroMet dataloggers and PLS systems
  • Maintenance-free operation – no moving parts that can wear out thanks to ultrasonic measuring method; no need for re-calibration
  • Suitable for all climate zones; also for solar-powered automatic meteorological stations
  • Vibration and seawater resistant – also applicable in coastal regions
  • Successfully tested and certified in extreme ambient conditions (temperature, air humidity, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration, salt spray, and icing)

The accurate wind sensor uses the run-time differential method for determining the wind speed and wind direction.

It provides output for instantaneous values, vector and scalar means, the maximum gust of wind and wind direction, the maximum/minimum values and the virtual temperature.

Data output through serial or analogue interfaces provides compatibility of the Lufft Ventus for commercially available hydrometeorological dataloggers and PLC systems.

An automatic heater ensures reliable operation even in very harsh environmental conditions.