Ceilometer CHM 15k "NIMBUS"

The LIDAR-based cloud height sensor / ceilometer CHM 15k is prepared to work throughout the year and in any climate.

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Chm 15k

Key features

  • Observation of up to 15,000 m high cirrus clouds
  • Creation of aerosol backscatter profiles
  • Determination of the boundary layer height
  • Precipitation measurement
  • Cloud cover detection
  • Fog detection
  • To determine the vertical visibility

The Lufft CHM 15k has a double-walled housing combined with integrated fan and automatic heating system. Thus it provides reliable protection against misting, precipitation, freezing or overheating.

Exact results due to high sensitivity!

Reliable and accurate results at any time of the day or night are ensured by the use of long-life laser sources, filters with narrow bandwidth and high-sensitivity photodetectors.