Lufft Ceilometer CHM 8k

Highest confidence under low clouds with maximum data availability and minimum maintenance.

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Lufft CHM8k

Key features

  • Confident detection of low clouds with minimum False Alarm Rate (FAR) and an outstanding Probability of Detection (POD) even at extreme conditions.
  • Maximum sensor uptime and data availability thanks to integrated data storage and a robust battery backup (-40 °C to 60 °C).
  • Minimum maintenance from self-cleaning construction: Snow gets melted, water flows down and washes dust away.
  • Safe and certified operation in compliance with UL50e (North America), TÜV (Europe), ICAO GRF.
  • Easy installation and handling thanks to self-contained design – no additional computer needed.
  • High flexibility from support of multiple communication protocols and software standards.

The new Lufft CHM 8k ceilometer empowers meteorologists at weather services and airports to make the right decisions with highest confidence and minimal maintenance. Especially in the critical height below 1 km, the Lufft CHM 8k detects cloud bases in any place and season with outstanding precision and reliability. Internal data storage and a battery backup enable unmatched sensor uptime and data availability even at the harshest conditions.

Using the Lidar technology, it detects backscatter aerosol profiles / structure in multiple layers, cloud bases, cloud penetration depths as well as vertical visibility and issues the sky condition index. It has an operating range of up to 8,000m (26,200 ft) and is equipped with an integrated controller offering a fully embedded real-time calculation of all target parameters and comfortable user interfaces.